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Viadesk is the ultimate platform to open up knowledge and expertise. Put your questions to experts – without having to know who they are – and have discussions with your professional peers. Store your documents in a structured way for easy retrieval.

Exchange expertise in groups

In a knowledge network, experts often discuss a variety of topics that are interesting to specific target groups.

  • Create a groups for each area of expertise
  • Experts meet in Groups
  • Knowledge, available from both documents and people, is gathered for each area of expertise

Find experts and share knowledge

Experience, knowledge and expertise are partly embedded in persons. Find experts quickly and share your expertise with others in a convenient way.

  • Expertise is visible in the member profile
  • Automatic expert selection when a question is asked
  • Put propositions to professional colleagues
  • Remain informed current developments in your professional field via colleagues

Retrieve documents easily

Knowledge embedded in documents can be found easily in a logical folder structure or by using tags.

  • Create folders based on the document type (draft), or topic (zoning plans)

If you are working with extensive documentation and a complex folder structure, documents are hidden in subfolders. The logic of a folder structure is also often based on personal preferences: What is a logical structure to you, may be a complex maze to someone else.

  • Add tags to enable a second search option to retrieve documents easily
  • Enrich your document with tags – e.g. the topic or the document type
  • Use the tags to retrieve all documents enriched with this tags

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