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With Viadesk, you collaborate across organisational borders. Viadesk can be accessed via an Internet connection from any (working) location. This is convenient as you are not restricted to closed local networks. Of course you will be the one who determines who will have access to your environment.

Accessible from every working location

Your Viadesk environment will be accessible via a dedicated Internet address, e.g. https://(organisatienaam) Use your personal account to log in into your secured Viadesk environment.

  • Not restricted to a fixed working location
  • Consult documents and information wherever you are

Add participants easily

It is easy to grant access to colleagues or external (project) partners.

  • Email address, and first and last names are sufficient to create an account
  • You determine who has access

Make your documents available to specific people

In Viadesk, you create groups to exchange information with a specific target group. It is easy to add a group, for instance for a project. Once the project is finished, you can export the documents from the group with one click on a button.

  • Create a separate group per topic or collaboration partnership
  • Within the group, make documents available to a specific target group
  • Work with groups and streamline your information this way
  • Documents are immediately available to participants

Reduce email

Is your inbox regularly overflowing with emails containing documents and reactions to documents? When you work with Viadesk, you will reduce your email traffic.

  • Share your documents in Viadesk and no longer via email
  • Reactions and feedback are directly stored alongside a document – no more loose emails with feedback

Add faces to your collaboration

In Viadesk, you can find the data of the people involved quickly. This is useful when you are working on a project together with other organisations.

  • See who is involved and from which organisation they are
  • Contact data of (project) partners can be viewed
  • Background information is available such as photos, positions or expertise
  • Everyone’s specific role in the collaboration is clear

Your collaboration becomes tangible

In short, Viadesk allows you to view your colleagues, external partners, communication and documentation in one central location. Communicate with other members by asking each other questions, starting a discussion or sounding out opinions and views.

Viadesk is the ultimate platform for remote collaboration! Curious about what Viadesk can mean for your collaboration? Why not try out Viadesk thirty days free of charge!