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Viadesk makes working together on projects very easy. Your project documentation and communication is available in one central location. Also, with the Milestones and Tasks functionalities you will always have a good view on the progress of your project. See below how to utilise Viadesk for your project.

Insight into the progress of the project

Insight into the status of a project and knowing what exactly is going on within the project is essential to project managers and participants alike. Viadesk will offer this insight.

  • Milestones and Tasks gathered in one central location
  • Survey of open tasks – including deadlines and people who are responsible for them
  • View the context of a task – not just a picture of the actual status but also insight into related bottlenecks
  • Personal survey of My tasks – offers insight into your own to-do’s

One group for each partial project

Within your Viadesk environment you can create Groups for specific target groups in your project.

  • Work in groups for each project stage
  • Offer targeted project documentation and communication
  • Create a detailed course for each partial project using Milestones and Tasks

Work together on project documentation

If you are working together on documents, the Version management functionality is ideal

  • Add new versions of documents without overwriting earlier versions
  • See who has edited the document
  • Will you be working on the document? Lock it to prevent edits by other people.

There are several ways to search for and retrieve documents easily in Viadesk? Read more.

Reduce email – centralise communication

By storing your project documentation and communication in Viadesk, you will reduce email traffic.

  • No overflowing inboxes due to incoming emails with large attachments
  • Project appointments laid down in the Group diary and Outlook
  • Reactions to documents are gathered centrally, not dispersed among various emails
  • Platform for questions and feedback

Curious about Viadesk can mean for your project?

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