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Viadesk allows you to share documents with your colleagues, customers or project partners in an easy way. Your online Viadesk environment is accessible from any (working) location via an Internet connection. Work together on documents in groups and store them in a structured manner in folders.

Share your documents centrally

In Viadesk you make your documents available in one central location in a secured online environment.

  • Login with your personal account
  • See all documents accessible to you in one glance
  • Have all your documents available – wherever you are

Where you once shared documents by email, your documents are now stored centrally and readily available to others. This is very convenient, as your inbox will no longer overflow with emails carrying large attachments.

Target the people who have access to the documents

In Viadesk you create groups for a specific target.

  • Create a separate group per topic or collaboration
  • Within the group, make documents available to a specific target group
  • Work with groups and streamline you information in this way
  • Documents are immediately available to participants

Retrieve documents

Documents can be found easily due to a logical folder structure or by using tags.

  • Create folders based on the document type (draft), or topic (zoning plans) or project stage

If you are working with extensive documentation and a complex folder structure, documents are hidden in subfolders. The logic of a folder structure is also often based on personal preferences: What is a logical structure to you, may be a complex maze to someone else.

  • Add tags to offer a second access option to retrieve documents easily
  • Enrich your document with tags – e.g. the topic or the document type
  • Use the tags to retrieve all documents that are marked with this tag

Reduce email

When you share your documents using Viadesk, you will reduce the frequency and volume of your email traffic.

  • Prevent reaching the limits of your inbox as a result of incoming emails with large attachments
  • Information is no longer dispersed among separate emails
  • Reactions to documents are gathered in one central location
  • No more long searches for attachments or important content in your inbox – it is all presented in a well-arranged structure in Viadesk

Work together on documents using Version management

If you are working together on documents, the Version management functionality is ideal.

  • Add new versions of documents without overwriting earlier versions
  • See who edited the document
  • Will you be working on the document? Lock it to prevent edits by other people.

Remain informed of changes

Viadesk sends out a personalised report email every day.

  • Receive a daily update showing all recent changes to all groups of which you are a member

When you use the Notification functionality, you will remain informed in a more specific way. These notifications inform you about all changes, such as new reactions or new versions, to documents that you are following.

  • Depending on your settings you will receive an email or an RSS notification of the changes
  • Remain informed about the latest changes without prior login

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