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If you are utilising Viadesk as an Intranet system, you have a tool in hand to bring your employees together. Viadesk supports both the traditional purpose of the Intranet as well as the contemporary Intranet. Apart from being a means for top-down information, it is also a platform for interactive collaboration with colleagues, sharing knowledge and communication. Viadesk is not restricted to one working location and, for that reason, it can also be used at home or at out-of-the-office locations.

Traditional intranet

Viadesk enables you to share documents, news and important information in a structured manner. With these functionalities, Viadesk lives up to the traditional purpose of the Intranet: informing your colleagues.

  • Make procedures, manuals and news available to everyone

In Viadesk you have also collected the data of your colleagues in one central location.

  • A central address nook
  • An extensive member overview giving profiles of colleagues – photographs, backgrounds and expertise areas

Social intranet

The contemporary Intranet is more than a means of informing employees. Work process support, communication improvement and knowledge exchange are becoming ever more important purposes of the Intranet. Viadesk offers you these possibilities.

  • Offer a private online working group to project teams
  • Set up expert groups for mutual knowledge sharing

Project teams

Project information on internal projects can be shared quickly either with colleagues who are directly involved or with the entire organisation.

  • Create a group
  • Share and store project documentation in a central location
  • Can be accessed by everyone within the organisation
  • Reactions to project documentation are gathered centrally
  • Central project communication – ask questions and start discussions

Share knowledge

Experts within your organisation know how and where to find each other in Viadesk. This encourages the exchange of knowledge, which contributes to the quality of your organisation.

  • Colleagues’ profiles show their specific expertise
  • Automatic expert selection when a question is asked
  • Put propositions to professional colleagues
  • Remain informed of the latest developments in your professional field by colleagues

Combination is the key to success

Combine several objectives on the Intranet and its utilisation will increase. Viadesk offers you this possibility:

  • Support several information streams
  • Turn the Intranet into a platform that – with project groups and knowledge groups – supports you in your daily activities
  • Combine the traditional Intranet with a contemporary intranet

Find out for yourself what Viadesk can mean to your organisation and try out Viadesk for thirty days free of charge. Want to know more about the utilisation of Viadesk as your Intranet. Feel free to contact us and call (+31)(0) 20 305 76 60 or mail us at