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Members and permissions

As a manager you can set permissions for members. Depending on the permissions, members can perform actions on items. You can give members and member lists the following successive permissions within the group:

  • read – this option gives members permission to access the group as a Visitor. They can view information, but they cannot add or edit it.
  • add – this option gives members permission to participate in the group as a Member. They can add files and documents (e.g. folders, documents, texts, discussions, etcetera.) and edit items they placed.
  • edit – this option gives members permission as a Member to edit information of other members in the group (e.g. change document names, changes file names, etcetera)
  • manage – this option gives members permission to be a Manager and manage the group via ‘management’ in the group menu (e.g. add members, change members and member lists permissions, adjust folder and tool settings, etcetera)

What exactly do these permissions entail? At item level, there are a number of options directly on the page, as well as the Actions button. This button holds several ‘actions’ that are available for the item (e.g. a file). The permission level determines which action rights someone has. These are the rights for the member:


  • Click Management in the menu
  • Click Members and permissions

The default setting for members or member lists is Visit, Participate and Edit. This default setting can be adjusted by the webmaster: Setup > Groups > Settings. When you want to set different permissions in the group, you can (un)check the boxes for every individual member/member list.

  • Specify the permissions of the new members or member lists
  • Click Save

Someone who adds something automatically has management rights to the item. This means that he can edit or delete this particular item.