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Reports and Recent changes

As a standard an email is sent every night to all members containing the changes in the groups of which they are members. This will give them an idea of what has been changed in the group without having to log in. In addition to this email report, the Recent changes option offers a reminder. Recent changes shows all the latest changes.

To give extra attention to a change – for example when someone else needs to start working with a specific change, the Email alert button is available. This button allows you to send the latest changes to (a selection of) members. If required a personal message can be added explaining the importance of the change.

As a group manager you can determine what will be shown as a new item: as well in the Email Reports as under Recent changes It is also possible to (de)activate the option to send a so-called Email alert in addition to a report of the latest changes.

  • Click Management
  • Click Reports and Recent changes
  • [Optional] Define which items should be reported as new in the Reports and Recent changes
  • [Optional] Define what type of member should receive the Report.

The default setting is that visitors (with only the permission to read) to the group do not receive a report of changes. You can set this type of permission for both members and member lists.

  • [Optional] Define how many days recent changes should be shown under Recent changes or choose for the option since the last member login

If you select a number of days, the amount of changes that members see on the Startpage is the same for everyone (assuming that everyone is allowed to read the same items). When Last member login is selected, the amount will be different per member. If someone does not log in for an extended period of time – e.g. because of his holidays – all changes will remain listed here.

  • [Optional] Define a maximum of items shown under Recent changes
  • [Optional] Define if the option to send a Notification email should be available or not. When Email alert is activated, the button to send one is displayed on the Startpage.
  • Click Save