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With the chat feature you can communicate in realtime with other group members. Each group has a separate chat for its members while the chat in Home is accessible to all the members in a Viadesk domain.

The chat feature can be disabled by group managers via Management > Menu.

Using chat:

  • Click Chat in the group menu.
  • You can now start using the Chat feature.
  • In the text box you can type a message.
  • When you click Ok, your message is sent to all members chatting.


  • If you want to invite other members to chat, you can click Invite members per email. You can select to which members you wish to send an invitation by email.
  • By clicking Open chat window, you will open a separate chat window. This way, you can chat and work in other pages in Viadesk simultaneously.

Erase and save chat

Members who are chatting can erase and/or save the chat.

  • Via Actions you can Erase the chat conversation.

When you erase the chat, you will erase all the messages of members in the chat. Not only your screen is emptied, but also the screen of all the other members in the chat.

  • Via Actions you can Save the current chat conversation. Every member chatting can save the conversation, also when a member only has reading rights in a group.
  • The chat conversation is saved as a note in the folder Chats. This folder is automatically created when the first chat conversation is saved in a group.
  • The title of the note consist of the date and starting/ending time of the chat conversation.
  • Every member of a group automatically has the same rights in the folder Chats, as he/she has in the group.

The saved chat conversation can be edited. For instance, the title can be changed, or irrelevant contributions can be deleted. The saved chat conversation can be edited by the member who saved it, or a member who has enough right (minimal editing rights).

When you want to save a chat conversation that should only be available for a select number of members, you can adjust the security of the note (read more at: Working in groups > Security and permissions). You can also move the note to a folder with adjusted security.