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If you want to view the activities in the group, the log will offer you several options.

In addition to the various actions that people have performed at item level, such as Place, Edit, etc., the log also tells you something about the popularity, the visitors to the group, and you can analyze what (predefined) tags they are interested in. Statistics has three tabs:

The group manager can export the data of all tabs as Excel files by clicking on Export when viewing the tab.

  • Activity: Here you can view information on when someone became a group member, when members visited the group and when something was placed or edited and by whom. You can also see here whether someone responded to an item. It will automatically show a period in the previous month.
  • Visitors: This tab offers you a bar graph per month showing the amount of visits of the group per day.
  • Popular items: This page shows which items in the group were viewed most often in a selected period. You will automatically see an overview of the previous month listing the most viewed item on top. Because the (predefined) tags are also listed here, you can also see which tag is most popular among the members in the group. If you want to know what the most frequently visited discussion is, you can generate a list per item type here.

A manager can also view the number of visitors by using the History button. Per session a maximum of one visit per item is registered.