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Milestones and tasks

This menu item offers an overview of milestones and tasks of the group. You can directly add milestones and tasks from here. Also tasks added at any page within the group will be automatically shown here. This page gives therefore insight in project status and project progress to the project manager as well as the individual member. Per milestone is shown what tasks are completed or not, including deadlines and responsible members.

You can also add tasks as a response to an individual document. These tasks will also be displayed in this overview. When adding a new task as a response to a document, it is also possible to assign these to a (new) milestone.

By default tasks will be sorted by milestone. The progress bar shows the status of the milestone in completed tasks and/or uncompleted tasks. To oversee the total progress, click Hide tasks.Now it is easy to see the status of all milestones as those will be shown without the tasks.

The view you can easily adjust to your wishes by filtering. Select a single milestone, a responsible member or a period the tasks need to be done. Milestones as well as tasks can be checked as completed on this page. When checking a milestone as done, you will be asked to also check the related tasks as completed.

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