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The menu item Tags gathers (Predefined) Tags, i.e. all concepts used in the community in one page. Each (Predefined) Tag has its own Definition page, on which all items are shown to which this (Predefined) Tag is linked. Apart from the fixed route via the filing feature or search, Tags takes you to interesting information via a different route. Tags offers you an alternative way to find information, thus improving the disclosure of information.

Another important purpose of the menu item Tags is collecting the definitions of the notions and concepts used in the community. With the use of the wiki, everybody can contibute to a definition per (Predefined) Tag. This allows you to gather a glossary and to set up a common reference framework of the community.

From Home you can find all information to which you have access. In all other groups, only the (Predefined) Tags are shown that are used in that particular group. Also, only those items are shown to which you have access.

When you click on Tags in the menu, you will go to a page with two tabs from whence you can click on to the Definition page of a (Predefined) Tag:

  • The tab to which you have been taken, shows in a tagcloud the most popular tags in alphabetical order. The larger the word is displayed, the more information is available on it. If you click Frequency, the most popular tag is shown first.
  • The tab Alphabetical shows the (predefined) tags in alphabetical order. The figure behind the tags shows the number of items tagged with that particular word. The tags with the blue icons are the predefined tags, the tags with the grey icon are the other tags.

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The right column contains several content blocks that invite browsing:

  • Add Tag: it’s possible to enter a new Tag here.
  • Active visitors shows the members who have contributed most to the definitions and the items on the definition pages.
  • Most visits shows the concepts that have been visited most frequently.
  • Most recent lists the five (predefined) tags of which the definitions have been changed most recently.
  • The Word of the day shows the definition of a word randomly picked by Viadesk. No matter from where you visit Tags, this word is the same across the entire domain.