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Definition page

Every Tag has its own Definition page, on which all available information on this tag has been gathered. In this way, you will find everything on the subject that you are interested in on one page:

  • A definition. You can add a new version of the definition by clicking on the Actions button above the definition and then Edit (the webmaster can disable this option: Setup > Metadata > Tags settings).
  • All available items – such as documents, text, questions and discussions – that contain this tag are displayed. Which items these are depends on the group you are visiting: only the group items are displayed. The menu item Tags on Home shows all items with a Tag from all groups to which you have access.
  • A Question, Discussion or Document can be added directly to this page as well. These items can be added via Add (the webmaster can disable this option: Setup > Metadata > Tags settings). These items are accessible to everyone in the domain. This feature is primarily intended to start a discussion on the word tag to add a document that directly relates to the tag.

The right side shows:

  • Experts (only on a predefined tag page). These are the members who have checked this predefined tag in their Profile. These are all members who are actual members of the group you are visiting. If you visit the menu item Tags via Home, you will see all members who have linked the predefined tag to their profiles.
  • Register as expert (only on a predefined tag page). By clicking this, you will automatically be linked to this Predefined tag; it adds the tag to your Profile. Your picture will also be added to the list of Experts. Here, you can also Sign off as an expert.
  • Related subjects; by clicking on Edit, you can select a (Predefined) Tag that is related to the tag (e.g. the tag milk: honey, cow). The relation is automatically displayed at the selected (predefined) tag.
  • More… followed by the (Predefined) Tags that were also chosen most recently at items to which the Tag is linked. These subjects offer you an extra opening to find the information you are looking for.

Depending on your permissions, you have several options under Actions:

  • Edit the definition of the tag
  • Compare versions of the definition

When you are a webmaster, you have additional options:

  • Remove the tag when it is not relevant. The tag will also be removed from all items to which it has been linked. Once you have removed a tag, this action cannot be undone.
  • Rename the tag when, for instance, it does not cover the meaning or is misspelled.
  • With Mark as complete you will seal the definition, for instance, when you believe that the available definition cannot or should not be improved any further. When a definition has been marked as such, nobody can add further contributions to the definitions. The webmaster can always lift the complete status again.
  • Merge: tags can be merged when there are two tags with the same meaning. The tag that is cancelled will be replaced by the tag that you want to retain.

An example: there are two tags: apple and Granny Smith. Granny Smith is a type of apple, and for that reason you want to cancel this tag and replace it by apple. Use Tags to go to the apple tag, Click under Actions on Merge. On the page with all tags, select Granny Smith and click on Save. The Granny Smith tag has now been replaced by apple everywhere.