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Public web pages

This feature allows you to share information outside projects. One possibility is that you use the pages as a portal. This means that the information will be available to every Internet visitor – i.e. without having to log in. This page will also serve as the login page in that case.

You can also set permissions for certain pages and by this share only information that is relevant to (a selection of) members. Setting permissions is also useful when you have not yet completed the page: you can publish the page publicly when you have finished.

The structure is simple and it’s easy to create new pages. It is possible to publish pictures or photo’s. You also can start a weblog or a discussion here. The edit iconĀ _img31 is still important on this web page in the same way as the which you are using the Add button when you work in groups.

Note: This feature is automatically disabled in Viadesk. If you want to have access to this option, please contact us.