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Edit Invitation Email

It is easy to adjust the automatically generated email that is sent to new members. It is also possible to select an attachment that is always sent with this email. This option can be used to send general and helpful information to all new members, e.g. a Viadesk starter manual, a document with the objectives of using Viadesk or the webmaster’s contact details.

  • Click Setup.
  • Under Email and messages, click Messages.
  • In the lower box you can edit the text of the Invitation email to new members. The text with the activation link is fixed and cannot be changed. The text boxes above and under this text can be personalized.
  • [Optional] Select an attachment from your computer that is automatically sent along with the email to the new members.
  • Click Save.

When you use this feature, the Invitation Email will always be sent to all new members, irrespective of the language setting they use. When you work with an international group of members, you may want to add the text twice, e.g. both in English and in Dutch.