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Members – Candidate member settings

The Candidate members feature offers potential members to register for your Viadesk environment. You can define and set the data that candidate members themselves need to provide under Setup > Members > Candidate members settings.

  • Click on Setup
  • Under Members, click on Candidate members settings
  • To activate this feature, tick Candidate members can register
  • [Optional] Choose to Automatically show the link ‘Register’ on the login screen. When checking this option the link will be shown in the login box.
  • [Optional] Tick whether or not an email needs to be sent out for every new application and fill in the email address to send it to.

The contact person needs to be a webmaster to be able to accept candidate users. The fields for a contact person also need to be field out when you choose to send out group requests to group managers (Tab Groups).

In the tab Form fields you can set what fields should be shown on the application form.

  • Select which fields must be shown on the application form and indicate for each field whether it is mandatory or not

When you don’t know the needs of your potential members it can be easy to let them select the groups they want to become a member of. If the management of groups is decentralised, use the option to send an email with group membership requests to groupmanagers. You will find the settings under the tab Groups.

  • [Optional] Tick whether Candidate members are able to apply for group membership
  • [Optional] Uncheck (private) groups to hide them on the application form
  • [Optional] Give a short description per group or for whom this group is intended
  • [Optional] Choose to Send these applications to group managers (option under the groups)

Be aware of the fact that an email address is needed under Contact person on the tab Activate for group managers to send their answer on the groups memberships requests.

  • Under the tab Text fields set text on top of the form. Tell about the background of the platform or for who it is intended.
  • Under Text thank page, enter the text that the candidate member will see once he has completed the form correctly
  • Define the standard text for this email under Text reject email. If you reject or delete an application, Viadesk will automatically send this email.
  • Click Save

When you do not choose to show the registration link in the login box it is possible to publish the link to the application form. This link is shown on the tab Activate. Publish the link on an external website or distribute the link by email.