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Members – Candidate members

If you receive a lot of requests from members who want access to your Viadesk environment, this function will be useful for candidate members. This functionality offers prospective members the option to apply. The advantage is that the contact details have already be completed by the member himself. All you have to do as a webmaster is to accept/confirm the application.

Under Candidate members, you will see all applications of people who want to become a member of your Viadesk environment.

  • Click on Setup
  • Under Members click on Candidate members
  • [Optional] click on a name to view all data of the applicant
  • Select the members that you want to make members
  • Click on Accept selection

Accepted applications will be ticked. These members will now immediately receive an email with login data and they will have access to Home. After accepting membership the screen will appear to set group permissions for these/this new member(s).

If you want to reject applications:

  • Select the applications you want to reject
  • Click on Reject Selection
  • This selection will receive a rejection email. The text for this you will have to set on Setup > Members > Candidate members.

If you want to clean up your list:

  • Select the applications you want to remove
  • Click on Delete selection