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Members – Members

Webmasters manage members via Setup > Members > Members. There, they can get an overview of all system members. It is also possible to search in the list by filtering on organisation, member categories and / or group. This may narrow down the selection. Read more about categories.

With the button Add you can add new members to your Viadesk (read more). With the button Export you can make an export of all the members.

With the Edit button behind every name certain actions can be done:

  • View individual permissions in groups
  • Change a member’s password
  • View or change the personal details of members
  • View or change the personal profile
  • View or change the personal photos of members
  • View or change the personal preferences of members

By selecting members, several actions can be carried out by the buttons on the bottom of the page:

  • Delete selection
  • When you delete a memberser, you will also the history of this member. This will mean that all his contributions will attributed to, as his name has been deleted.
  • Send invitations. With this you send (again) a new password.
  • Set group permissions for a selection of members for a (new) group