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Create tags to enrich your information

The labels option offers you extensive possibilities to describe information and experts accurately with the use of metadata. This will also make information and experts searchable via several search options.

  • By using a label you make predefined tags available
  • Use these tags to categorise information – such as a file, a question or a discussion.
  • This is referred to as tagging.
  • The tags are general search strings that increase searchability of information.

Creating labels and tags: Setup > Labels.

  • For each label you can set to which type of item the label should apply. Some labels, such as Document status, are only relevant to files.
  • Once you have created labels, you determine for each group which labels will be made available.
  • Only use those labels in a group that are relevant in the context of a group. Within a group, several labels can be used alongside one another.

Have a look at the following examples to get a better idea of the possibilities.

Example: the use of labels in a project

Use the following labels for documents: Subject, Type of document, and Status. In the example below the defined tags for Subject label are soil, tunnel construction and road construction.


As the example illustrates, the added metadata already provide this extra information when you view the page.

This document can also be found easily with the search function and the tags menu item with the search strings ‘tunnel construction’ for subject, ‘draft’ for status and ‘estimate’ for document type as well as the other freely chosen tags (like ‘south tunnel’ in this example).

Example: the use in a knowledge network

Often there are several groups active within a large knowledge network that discuss sub-topics. Labels are ideal for this. They make it easier to find information and experts on sub-topics.

The use of two labels, as was done in the example above, can also unlock information in various ways, because it offers additional search entries.

In the example the following tags have been defined for the Subject label: costs, execution of the policy, legislation and regulation, and energy savings. The following have been defined for the Organisation type label: care institution, municipality, province, and fire brigade. The question can be found back later with the use of the selected tags ‘energy savings’ and ‘municipality’.


Working with labels requires some thinking ahead. In practice, however, it will pay you back in abundance! If you start working with labels and tags, we will happily think along with you. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Call (+31)(0) 20 305 7660 or email us.