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How to introduce Viadesk

Are you intending to work with Viadesk in your organisation, network or project? Give some thought to how you are going to introduce the environment to your participants.

Communicate clearly what the purpose of the environment is and create expectations among the participants. This will contribute to a successful introduction. However, every organisation and situation requires a specific approach. Feel free to contact us without any obligations to discuss your introduction of Viadesk.

Communicate with new participants

You have several tools now to inform new participants in your environment. Tell them about the purpose of your environment, which information can be viewed and what the target group is. You do this with the use of the welcome email, on the Home page or on the stating page of a group.

Welcome email

  • A new participant will automatically receive the welcome mail. You can edit the text of this email.
  • Provide information on the purpose of your environment and the expected role of the participants
  • Specify the target group
  • Mention the contact person /webmaster
  • Explain how the environment has been set up
  • Add an appendix – e.g. the Quickstart guide or an adjusted manual

Viadesk can create a manual for you in the style of your own visual identity. This will ensure that you are providing information in a recognisable style to your new participants. Feel free to contact us without any obligations and ask for the possibilities.


On Home, the meeting point for all participants, you will be publishing information that is relevant to everybody.

  • Information on the purpose of the environment, a manual, etc. can be made available to all participants on the Home page.
  • This information is always available and can be viewed by every participant.

Group starting page

Op the starting page of a group you may want to publish a description of the group. Indicate the target group and what information can be viewed in the group.