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Reduce your email traffic

Reduce your email and utilise Viadesk as the central platform for documentation and communication. Have your discussions and comment on documents here. You only use email for notifications, not for important content. In this way you will prevent overflowing inboxes as well as dispersion of information.

  • Put documents or ideas in Viadesk and have the discussion here.
  • Your inbox no longer overflows with emails with large appendices.
  • Reactions to a document or ideas are now put alongside one another rather than dispersed among several emails in your mailbox.
  • Version management ensures that you can gather all versions of document. New versions of documents no longer need to be sent by email.

Also avoid replies to all discussions in your inbox:

  • Messages are put on the Home page or on the starting page of a group. Reactions to the message are given in Viadesk: in one central location rather than as a reply to all email.
  • Ask a question or set up a discussion and exchange information in Viadesk rather than by email. Reactions are gathered in one central location.

Alerting emails sent to receive reactions to an important document are no longer necessary. Add a specific request in the description of a document, in which you ask for reactions, The others will see this request in their daily report email.