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Set up your Viadesk in a smart way – create groups

When you are starting the set-up of your environment. the first step is to make an inventory of the target groups within your environment. Create groups in Viadesk to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration with the target groups.

  • Does your target group consist of project partners who collaborate for each project stage? Bring these people together in groups. The group is the central location for project documentation, -progress and project communication for each project stage.
  • Are you bringing experts together in your environment? Create groups theme where experts can meet each other. Also, information and documentation on the theme can be viewed in the group.
  • Are you using Viadesk as your Intranet? Do not only create groups for each team or department, also create internal project groups and expert groups.

Use Home, the general meeting point, for information that is relevant to everyone. Use the groups to offer information in a funnelled way to a specific target group.

Are you interested in a structure that will work for your project, knowledge network or social Intranet? Feel free to contact Viadesk. We will gladly help you.