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Start interaction

Do you want your environment to be used interactively? You can start interaction with a few simple tips.

  • Communicate the purpose of the environment and the expected role of the participants – If you expect interaction, communicate this!
  • Offer information in a funnelled manner – Home is the central meeting point from where participants move on to groups
  • Keep Home conveniently arranged and offer only information that is relevant to all participants
  • Use the groups to start interaction within a selected target group

As a default, participants have the right to read Home. This means that a member cannot add information here. If you want members to have an interactive role, you can adjust their rights in Management > Members and permissions.

Interaction within a group

The common factors within a group – theme, expertise, project stage – make interaction less anonymous. Members know how to find each another more easily and exchange information from a shared background.

  • Approach keen member to ask them to take up an active role within your environment
  • The more various members contribute information and reactions, the less Viadesk feels like a means of publication
  • Because they react to documents, ask questions and start discussions, they lower the threshold for others to participate interactively

Move communication from email to Viadesk

Communicate to your members that Viadesk is the central location for documentation and communication.

  • If someone sends a document by email, let him/her know that the document must be put on Viadesk.
  • If the reaction to a document is sent by email, please refer the sender to Viadesk.
  • By doing this consistently, you will move members away from old habits such as communication by email

Members less anonymous

Finally, you can encourage your members to complete their accounts. A profile photo, mention of expertise areas and contact data makes the members in your environment less anonymous. It lowers the interaction threshold.

Encourage your members to complete their accounts by offering a reward. It may help to raffle off a cake among members who have completed their accounts within one week. It sounds simple, but in practice this has proved to be successful!