Creating a member list in a group

If you want to add a larger number of people to a group, putting them in a list is a good solution. You can then add them all in one go. A list of this kind is called a member list.

The advantages

  • It's much faster than having to add everyone manually
  • For each member list, you can also determine what those on it can and cannot do within the group
  • You can mention the member list in status updates and replies so that everyone on that list receives a message

There are two ways to add a member list to a group:

  1. Add a member list that already exists
  2. Create a new member list

1. Adding a member list

Only group managers and webmasters can add a member list that already exists.

  1. In the group, go to Group management
  2. Choose Members and permissions
  3. Under + Members, choose the Add member lists option
  4. Select the member list(s) you want to add to the group
  5. Click on Add

The member list has now been added.