MemberRole API [beta]


  • The GET method displays member-roles for the given office or member. 


  • Parameter office represents the office.
  • Parameters user determines the user. 
  • Either the parameter office or user has to be selected, or both.

Example response body response:

    "id": "893393-7061676f64612e726f6c65732e4d656d626572",
    "office": "6880-6f6666696365",
    "member": "201-75736572",
    "membertype": "user",
    "permission": "add"
    "id": "975993-7061676f64612e726f6c65732e4d656d626572",
    "office": "6880-6f6666696365",
    "member": "832813-75736572",
    "membertype": "memberlist",
    "permission": "read"



  • A successful create or update returns the response code 200.

form field “user” // id of the user you want to create a Member-role for (required)
form field “office” // the id of the office (required)
form field “permissions” // a string array of the following options: 'read', 'comment', 'write', 'add' or 'all' 


  • The DELETE method allows you to delete the direct Member-role between the user and the office. Only if the user has the required permission.
  • A successful DELETE returns response code 200.


form field “user” // id of the member
form field “office” // id of the office