News API


  • A successful  create or update returns response code 200 and the updated news article.
  • You can add a cover-image by posting a file in multipart/form-data with name "featuredimage". Preferred dimensions are around 1920 x 1080 pixels, allowed extensions are jpg, jpeg or png.
  • You can add attachments to the article by posting one ore more files in multipart/form-data with name "attachments".

form field “office” // id of the office where the news will be created or edited
form field “id” // the id of the news (required for editing existing news)
 form field “name” // name of news (required for new news articles)
form field “body” // description of the news (required for new articles)
form field “newsSummary” // summary of the news, displayed in widget with multiple articles (optional)

form field “start” // publication date (optional)
form field “end” // end date (optional)
form field “featured” // is it a featured article (optional)
form field “fromEditor” // whether author is displayed, or 'from the news editors' (optional)
form field “showInActivity” // display in timeline and morning email (optional)
form field “canRespond” // display comment section (optional)
form field “push” // send out push notification, please use with care (optional) 
form field “tag” // one or more tags (optional)

The GET method returns an array of news articles where the user is participating in.

GET // office parameter is optional
final Parameters requestParameters = request.getParameters();
officePointerString = requestParameters.getString("office", "");
domainNews = requestParameters.getBoolean("domainNews", domainNews);
showHtmlBody = requestParameters.getBoolean("htmlbody", showHtmlBody);
maxBodyLength = requestParameters.getInteger("maxBodyLength", maxBodyLength);
includeUsers = requestParameters.getBoolean("includeUsers", includeUsers);
includeAttachments = requestParameters.getBoolean("includeAttachments", includeAttachments);
includeReplies = requestParameters.getBoolean("includeReplies", includeReplies);
replyLimit = requestParameters.getInteger("replyLimit", replyLimit);
includeLogs = requestParameters.getBoolean("includeLogs", includeLogs);
tag = requestParameters.getStringArray("tag"); // will search both in tags and topics (defined under Setup)
featured = requestParameters.getBooleanObject("featured");
offset = requestParameters.getInteger("offset", offset);
limit = requestParameters.getInteger("limit", limit);

  • Note: for now only news in groups is inside
  • The maxBodyLength-parameter under 320 will read from the summary, above from the body. If you always want the complete body, you could use a high number like: ?maxBodyLength=9999
  • You can filter on multiple tags with ?tag=trefwoord1&tag=trefwoord2 This is an OR-query


  • The DELETE method allows you to trash a news article if the user has the required permission.
  • A successful DELETE returns response code 200.