Users API

The GET method returns an array of user objects (see User API).

    ?office=44-646... //filter, id of the office users have to be a member of
    ?keyword=marc //filter, searches all text columns (optional)
    &firstchar=baars //filter, searches startswith values of firstname, lastname or company(optional)
    &deactivated=true //filter, only deactivated users, optional, default false
    &fullprofile=true // optional, default is false, returns all properties visible on the user profile
    &sort=firstname //order results by “firstname”, “lastname” or “company” (optional)
    &limit=10 // limit the array (optional)
    &offset=5 // skip n users (optional)    

Returned JSON contains these properties:
"id", "gender", "firstname", "prefix", "lastname", "name", "phone", "cellphone", "company", "division", "department", "jobtitle", "thumbnailUrl", "created", “fid”, "deactivated".

The thumbnail URL points to a 192x192 image.