Integrating other tools

Viadesk offers a wide range of possibilities to integrate other tools and software you use in the platform. See specific pages for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, ADFS OpenID, ADFS Saml configuration and O365 OpenID.


Viadesk offers her own API's to build yourself your own integration between Viadesk and other software/tools to connect your favorite systems together and blend them into a seemless digital workplace.

Download our integrations paper
Viadesk API portal

Building tailor made integrations for you

If you don't have the resources or time to build integrations that you need, 
Viadesk got your back. Viadesk has partnered with Harmonizer to help you integrate
your systems.

Harmonizer has extensive experience integrating other tools and platforms with
Viadesk and is the perfect partner for an easy and worry free integration process.
It can help automate manual activities and save valuable time and money.

Please contact us if you want help building your integrations.